River Falls Garden Club


The River Falls Garden Club has a long history in our community. It began as part of a three-fold project of the Federated Women’s Club in 1957. Their idea was to start three clubs with varying interests; an African Violet Club, a hiking club and the Garden Club.  Of the three, the Garden Club is the only remaining.  Over the years this club has contributed to many community projects, the most notable being the establishment of Heritage Park in 1975 as part of the Bicentennial Celebration. The design of this park came from two club  members who are still members of the club today. The trees and shrub were financed by the Garden Club. The club still pays for tree maintenance in that historic park.

The Garden Club meets on the first Monday of each month in the main floor meeting room of the River Falls library. The first half hour of each meeting is devoted to business issues. And since the primary purpose of the club is to encourage gardening of all kinds among its members, the second half of each meeting is devoted to gardening education.

Curious about building a backyard waterfall? Burdened by landscape waste and kitchen scraps and want a way to make use of them? Can’t figure out how to grow blueberries? Want to attract butterflies to your yard? Club programs provide answers to these questions and more. Additional gardening suggestions and information is provided in a monthly newsletter to Garden Club members.


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